•   Thursday, 30 November 2023
Adequate diet

White death returns. Does sugar reduce testosterone?

As the boomerang returns in the media the story of sugar that kills. Information portals continue to report a growing number of diabetes and other diseases due to poor lifestyles and diets. Scientists have also discovered that excess sugar in the diet worsens the potency.

A healthy diet has a positive effect on your body - aphrodisiacs improve libido, strengthen potency and delay ejaculation. However, a bad diet has a negative impact. Fast food, sugar and trans fats from industrial hydrogenation (trans fats in their natural form are healthy!) make your life energy evaporate and you sleep in bed. What is the relationship between sugar and testosterone levels?

Does sugar really reduce testosterone?

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have shown that relatively little sugar can significantly reduce testosterone levels, which is a hormone essential for sexual arousal. If you drink one sweet drink during the day, your chances of a successful evening are reduced by 25%. That's why it's essential to include zinc-rich products such as celery, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in your diet. We must not forget about fruit and vegetables, which have a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system. Good circulation in the body supports the erection. However, it is worth reaching for products and dishes that contain complex carbohydrates. The most fatal are sweetened drinks - also sweetened juices bought in cartons - and jelly beans, cakes, sweets and other snacks bought under the influence of the moment in the queue to the checkout at the gas station. One cannot completely exclude sugars from the diet, but it is necessary to remember about the appropriate dose of exercise and sleep at night.

You'll also need a nitrogen oxide that'll put you back on your feet like a viagra. Eat an apple, kale or beetroot and the evening won't end with an episode of a long-awaited TV series or a chapter in the latest Scandinavian detective novel. Light salad, fruit and vegetable snack or green vege cocktail is a guarantee of evening success! If you eat slowly, chewing thoroughly, you will provide more nitric oxide to your body. You don't always have to hurry, do you?

It's not just the diet that affects the potency

In addition to the negative effects of sugar on testosterone levels, other issues should also be kept in mind. Don't underestimate rest and sleep. If you get some sleep and relax in an active way before the evening, even a Coke drunk with a Coke spirit will not change your plans. A short walk with your dog, a little gymnastics in front of a fireplace or playing football with your youngest son behind the house will help with potency problems without having to completely reduce sugars in your diet. Carbohydrates are needed for the proper functioning of the muscles and brain, which is why it is so important to find and maintain a golden mean. A balanced, healthy diet and a regenerated body and mind are the key to success. Try to avoid fast foods and sweets that contain mostly simple sugars. Although they will temporarily improve your mood by releasing dopamine, they will cool down your willingness to take further action. And then you can sail off into a blissful, deep sleep to have more... strength the next day.

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