•   Thursday, 30 November 2023
Adequate diet

Diet for potency - what to eat to improve your fitness?

Our sexual performance is affected by many factors. A very important element here is a well-balanced diet, which provides the ingredients necessary for the proper functioning of the system. Our attention should be directed towards microelements, such as healthy fats or vitamin D. They are responsible for producing testosterone, which has a key influence on the level of sexual desire and what is perceived as attractive. Potency Diet - What should we eat to improve our sexual performance? What increases and decreases the potency?

Potency - what is it?

Impotence is a sexual drive problem. It affects as many as one in six men, and this phenomenon is growing steadily in society. It manifests itself as a lack of satisfaction with intimate life and physiological problems related to the sexual act. This has serious psychological consequences, ranging from bad mood and negative thoughts to serious depression and loops in the problem. Mental discomfort is very important here, and depressive elements reduce sexual performance in three out of four men. What can you do in that case? There are a number of elements that men can improve in their lives in order to positively influence their fitness. One of them is a diet for potency.

Diet for potency - which affects sexual ability

A well-balanced diet has a huge impact on sexual ability and the ability to maintain an erection. It is largely the fault of the current lifestyle, which forces haste, stress and limitation of the natural mode (hours of operation, movement, etc.). To this must be added pollution, fast food, excess salt and sugars, which are the source of numerous dysfunctions and diseases - physical and mental. In order to find yourself in this situation, it is worth taking the first step towards change. For example, you can start with a diet that has a rich influence on your sex drive - it builds your fitness, efficiency and prevents the occurrence of characteristic problems.

Potency diet - what to eat

To maintain an adequate level of sexual activity, you need to balance what you have on your plate. First of all, it is worth to bet on fresh fruit (2-3 times a day) and vegetables (up to 4 portions a day). In addition, our menu should include legumes and various types of nuts, milk products, oils of vegetable origin and fish, as well as green and red tea. Avoiding the wrong micronutrients is just as important as providing the right micronutrients in your diet. Potency disorders are often caused by diet-related civilization diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or overweight. Therefore, avoid products that are heavily salted and sweetened and rich in high-saturated fats, which are responsible for oxidative stress and health complications. Therefore, we strongly recommend products with a high content of antioxidants, which stimulate proper blood supply to the body, and thus affect the proper erection.

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