•   Friday, 1 March 2024
Supplements and Medicines


There is no person in the world who has not used pain medication for once in his life. Whether it is a tablet, a powder for dissolving in water, ointment or any other form, painkillers are the most frequently purchased and used medicines in our times.

Painkillers are the basis of our home medicine cabinet. They are tailored to the specific type of ailment, the age of the user or the wealth of our wallet, but not always with good results.

Advantages and disadvantages of analgesics

Undoubtedly, analgesics have many followers in the world who do not move from home without a supply of tablets for headache, abdominal pain or even ordinary eye drops.

The advantage of using such means is that they usually work quickly, allow you to forget about pain in a short time and focus on more important things, such as work or rest. None of us, by the way, likes it when something hurts, right? Therefore, in order to minimize this uncomfortable state of experiencing various types of ailments, we willingly reach for something that helps to get rid of this state in the shortest possible time.

Medicines and their availability

Painkillers are usually in the form of tablets, closed in tight, small capsules, placed in leaves, perfect for transport, so they are easy to take everywhere with you. Even if we ourselves do not suffer often and do not need this kind of facilitation of life every day, it very often happens that we take them with us and rescue someone else, friends, family, boss. Medicines sold without a prescription and acting instantly, have become an everyday element of even our interpersonal contacts.

Painkillers can be bought everywhere, in every shop, in every petrol station, even in some restaurants, not to mention pharmacies, where we have a choice of really huge quantities of brands and ingredients. This multitude allows us to match (unfortunately, usually by trial and error method) the most effective one for us, both in terms of our ills and our wallet content.

Painkillers - the more, the worse.

On the other hand, this amount can sometimes do more harm than help. In the case when analgesics are almost everyday for us, we use them for various diseases (you know, there is no single drug for all ailments), it happens that we consume several types of them daily, in the form of tablets, powder or ointment. Every time our body has to cope with such a dose of substances which, in addition to relieving or removing pain, pose a huge challenge to our internal organs, especially the liver, stomach and kidneys, it is a huge burden for it. Painkillers, apart from relieving pain, also destroy it.

Research conducted on this subject has often given an answer as to what may happen to our body while taking various types of medicines and what it may lead to. It has long been known that the effects can be lamentable and that diseases such as gastric ulcers, liver problems and kidney failure are just the tip of the iceberg, which is the result of the consumption of medicines and their impact on the body.

Although pharmaceutical companies convince us at every step that analgesics are our key to happiness, joy and comfort, it is worth considering their use, and the best solution would be to find an alternative, not so invasive option to relieve pain.

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