•   Friday, 22 September 2023

Men's libido without secrets

A healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, stress reduction and sleep affect the male libido. Although it sounds banal, we often forget how many simple and everyday factors can make our bedtime performance fall short of expectations. What about addictions and a negative attitude to intercourse? Well, we increasingly disregard alcohol and smoking, and the nutrients consumed by lovers of gyms are ignored in the media discourse.

It's worth taking care of your diet. It has been known for a long time that we are what we eat, so it is worth looking in the kitchen for ingredients that improve potency. Simply replace wheat rolls with dark bread, eat a handful of sunflower seeds and order herring with onion instead of tartare. These products have a positive effect on the male libido. For dessert, eat vanilla ice cream that keeps your muscles energized for a long time. If you are tired of pouring honey over a dessert, the natural sugar contained in it will stimulate and strengthen your body. However, this is not a long-term effect. You'd better get a good night's sleep the day before your love conquest.

Defendant: Pornography

Pornography, sexualisation of marketing and advertising, the prevalence of bedside scenes in films and TV series, as well as social consent to talk about intimacy have made sex an everyday, almost banal subject. You can't get to work without hearing advertisements for potency drugs on the radio, and every Friday you will find an agency leaflet with a lady in the lead role behind a windscreen wiper. The universality, availability and triviality of sex made it less and less popular. Coitus has lost its attractiveness. Today it is too much banal entertainment for many people, one of the many that today's world offers. And not the most interesting one at all.

The influence of pornography must not be overlooked more widely. An extremely rich offer, available at your fingertips, makes us simply not want to... want to. Why try, try and make an effort when we find someone on the Internet who will meet our expectations more or who will completely fit our tastes? Just turn on the Internet to meet your needs while not bothering to find and seduce your partner, even if she lives at the same address and turns to us per sweetheart.

Less obvious reasons for the inheritance of the male libido

Fatigue, sadness and depression are also reasons for the decline in men's libido, which is not mentioned in the media. Depression in particular, although widely discussed on the web and in magazines, and often also mentioned on television and radio, has a very negative impact on potency. Nearly a third of men with libido problems suffer from depression. Aversion to sexuality and intercourse - so different from media coverage - fuelled by misunderstanding and a lack of acceptance of the disease itself, make this a snowball effect. I do not want to have sex because I am depressed and lack of willingness to have sex makes me an outsider, which in turn leads to a deeper sense of alienation and depression.

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