•   Thursday, 30 November 2023
Adequate diet

FastFood Diet - why we eat unhealthy foods so eagerly

French fries, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, salty snacks... Sometimes they follow you all day long, less often there is a sudden urge to see a poster or advertisement on TV. Most often, a snoring for something unhealthy appears when you walk past a burger house or pizza place and feel the aromatic smell... Or maybe you're at the cinema and see a popcorn machine? A big Coke for the average price? A hot dog at a gas station won a lottery jackpot or an innocent cotton candy flask eaten at a family feast? Garbage food lures us from all sides, encourages and tempts us. Even the bravest sometimes bend over to plan their cheat day or simply join one of the chain restaurants. How to give up fast food diet?

Starting tomorrow, a healthy diet! And fast food is tempting...

Social consent and incentives from advertising and the media make us often unaware of how easily fast food becomes an addiction. Addiction to fats and salt can be no less harmful than addiction to the Internet or alcohol, although we are much less aware that we are addicts. It is worth noting, however, that it is not the food itself that is addictive, but the dopamine that the brain produces during consumption.

We are genetically programmed to like what's rich in carbohydrates. Tales about Indians who, after leaving the jungle and coming into contact with civilization, cannot stop eating candy and other sweets have been known for decades. The human brain enjoys eating sweet or very fatty foods, so you can have one more piece of cheese-dripping pizza or other fast food product, although you're not hungry at all.

How to give up fast food diet?

However, we are not completely helpless in the face of our brain power, social consent and media encouragement to eat a double-cheese burger. How about some fries for this? A milk cocktail with a chocolate flavour will not be scorned by anyone! Nevertheless, if we develop the ability to observe carefully what we eat, and if we feel like it, we can predict when we will be taken for something unhealthy. Focusing on small and everyday activities will also help! Increased interest in the activity being performed will make the jingle of a well-known restaurant or the smell of French fries from the next room flying in the background will not affect us.

Also try to find a reason. A diary will help with this, where you can write down when and what you want. Perhaps it's after an extremely hard day at work or an unpleasant gathering that your desire for fast food grows. What you ate for breakfast and the number of hours you slept also affects your will! Observe not only your surroundings, but also yourself - you will quickly find your trigger. Once you have established the cause, it will be easier for you to fight it or simply avoid it! However, if this is not possible, you can distract your own attention from the hot dog with all the extras! All you have to do is start throwing the mint rubber, lick the lemon or rinse your teeth with a mouthwash.

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