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Erectile dysfunction

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

The male problem, as erection problems are called, still remains a taboo subject, not raised loudly by men for fear of ridiculing or mockery of their male abilities. This type of behaviour is not surprising, since prehistoric times men's power to procreate has been a major asset in finding a life partner and a father for future children. The reluctance to raise this issue is therefore justified.

Unfortunately, nowadays more and more men admit, of course reluctantly, to problems with proper erection. The guilt of this state of affairs is not always dependent on the man. These are often diseases whose impact on the body or the medications taken cause problems during the sexual act. It is also the unhealthy lifestyle that is to blame. As it turns out, however, such male problems can be quickly resolved.

In the case of chronic or temporary illnesses, it is necessary to visit a specialist who will help to diagnose the problem and find a solution. It can be a change of prescribed drugs into a less invasive into an intimate sphere, or a suggestion of another way, completely different from standard tablets and treatments. What are the natural ways to deal with erectile dysfunction?

Masculinity - the main asset of a man

For centuries, men have used certain specifics to raise their libido in order to become more attractive. Most of the documented cases have been preserved in the Eastern tradition, from where they came to Europe. Ancient Chinese and Japanese masterfully used the gifts of nature, in the form of herbs and seeds, fruits or other gifts of the earth, which, in the right concentration and after some processing, though not always, could make the sexual act go much more smoothly and satisfactorily for those who participated in it.

Aphrodisiacs taken from nature

Today's natural medicine uses a very wide range of knowledge from that time. In modern pharmacies or herbal shops you can find many such "male aids", such as ginkgo biloba root or ginseng, considered for centuries as excellent aphrodisiacs. At present they are usually available in the form of powder for brewing or tablets. There are also many herbs that we know very well from our Polish backyard. You can mention here an ordinary nettle, celery or even Lubczyk, called by our grandparents "love herb". This is due to the fact that the consumption of this aphrodisiac helps to expand the blood vessels, while causing a much larger blood flow to all its members, including the most important one. This makes the relationship much more effective. A similar effect can be observed after eating pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla or even chili.

Lubczyk is a spice, but among the food you will find many more natural aids during erection problems. Particularly popular are those with a specific shape, adducting parts of the body, both female and male, such as oranges or apricots, some edible varieties of cactus, caviar, seafood, chocolate, coffee, and, of course, alcoholic beverages. Their consumption relaxes, allows you to calm down, and their stimulating effect helps you fully enjoy the ongoing act.

The art of lifting libido through food can also become a great foreplay, which will have a similar effect to food itself - stimulating the organisms of both partners.

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