•   Friday, 1 March 2024
Adequate diet

A healthy diet is a good mood.

When, what and how much you eat have an impact on your well-being! From an old saying it is known that like a hungry Pole it is bad, but what to eat to make a full Pole happy? Is there a menu for good mood and if so, what should it consist of to wake up with a smile on your face every morning? A healthy and balanced diet is the key to a good mood, but in your kitchen you will find a few products that will help you to keep a happy mood all day long.

Let's start with this: how to eat? Forget the morning run, eating snacks on the way to work or fast food! You should eat slowly, completely concerting on this activity. Regularly eaten meals, preventing hunger and balanced ingredients that are appropriate for your weight, activity and age will make your body healthier. You will also avoid irritation caused by hunger or insatiability. Unfortunately, the decision on one of the most difficult questions of humanity - Where do we eat today? - we leave it to you.

Cheers anytime of the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - this sentence was certainly repeated by many mums and grandmothers. However, not every grandmother knows that breakfast with a kefir in the lead role will be the most beneficial for you. Add it to the granola, muesli or drink it in the spirit! Kefir raises serotonin levels, which is called the luck hormone. Don't underestimate the breakfast that will give you a good start every day. Limiting yourself to a coffee in a hurry will make you excited (and probably annoyed!), but not full!

High levels of serotonin are also provided by eggs eaten for lunch. A simple egg sandwich is enough to make you notice the difference. Serotonin levels are increasing so much that men who eat eggs regularly are more generous and more willing to support charities and foundations.

For dinner, it's worth having a fatty fish, which is a great source of omega fats, essential for the efficient synthesis of serotonin! Chicken and turkey meat also contains tryptophan, which is the substance from which the so-called happiness hormone is produced. Carbohydrates are not at all as bad as they claim to advertise slimming remedies. Eaten for dinner, shortly before going to bed, they support healthy and good sleep. The best are complex sugars, present in vegetables, wholegrain bread and some fruits - mainly in bananas. However, sweets containing simple sugars will have a less positive effect. Yes, they will improve the mood, but it will be a short-term effect. A healthy diet for a good mood can be equally delicious, but more effective.

A healthy diet doesn't have to be tasteless - discover the healthiest spices

The spices must not be forgotten either. The world's most expensive spice - saffron - also has a beneficial effect on serotonin production. All you need to do is season your favorite Mediterranean dish a little to enjoy a good mood!

Do you lack energy in the middle of the day and your good mood splashes like a soap bubble at lunchtime? Eat a handful of peanuts or try some peanut butter waffles. Don't underestimate the chocolate, too! Magnesium contained in bitter chocolate perfectly promotes the synthesis of serotonin.

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