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Cigarette smoking and potency

There is probably no one who hasn't heard of the negative effects of tobacco smoke on the body. The set of complications and side effects that smokers are exposed to (both active and passive) is really substantial. While the consequences can be very dangerous, tobacco addicts seem to ignore the potential risks, postponing the consequences of their habits mentally. Such self-deception is very common, and people are very often surprised by the effects of their addiction. One of them is erection problems. What is the relationship between smoking and potency? What is the effect of nicotine on sexual performance?

Effects of tobacco products on potency

Tobacco smoking is a fundamental problem and source of complications in the human cardiovascular system. The supply of tarry substances narrows the blood vessels, which results in less blood reaching the organs directly. This also applies to the sexual organs of a man. Less incoming blood causes great problems with the proper functioning and maintenance of potency and erection. It also influences the degree of pleasure you feel during intercourse.

Smoking in itself can cause or aggravate problems with potency, cardiovascular diseases and, consequently, erections. Tobacco is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in young people. In the group of the greatest risk there are gentlemen between 30 and 50 years of age, in whom the risk of dysfunction is higher by 50%. Cigarette smoking and potency - what exactly is responsible for the whole problem?

Cigarette smoking and potency - the role of nicotine

Nicotine is the source of all the confusion responsible for the erection problems associated with smoking. This substance has a significant effect on the blood vessels in the body, including the blood supply to the penis. Nicotine narrows the arteries, which leads to the ischemia of individual organs. This also applies to cavernous bodies in the penis. With such a dysfunction it is difficult to achieve an erection. There may also be a complete lack of it. Another complication is the growing problem with atherosclerosis in the bloodstream, which also affects the amount of blood supplied. Nicotine dependence also causes other complications, which can lead to impotence-inducing disorders. One of them is hormonal disorders, which result in a decrease in testosterone concentration.

Cigarette smoking and potency - prevention

If we really want to avoid the complications and side effects of nicotine addiction, the only sensible way out is to avoid any contact with tobacco smoke, including passive smoke. In the case of gentlemen, this applies both to health and to potency. In order to effectively deal with the problem, it is worth applying prevention measures. Giving up tobacco habits allows us to regain full satisfaction with sexual activity, including improving the quality of semen. However, the condition is that there are no complications in the form of cardiovascular diseases and no damage to the endovascular epithelium.

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