•   Friday, 1 March 2024
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The decalogue of a true gentleman

A real guy always follows the rules. They are a signpost for him, and a support for him in difficult moments. They make our lives worthwhile and others know they can rely on us. It's a definite distinction that separates boys from men. We gain in this way in the eyes of women, we are the backbone of the family, the pillar of business and the partner you can count on. You will not find a list of things to do or prohibited activities here. This is a set of universal solutions that will make you sure that your life is on the right track and that women's hearts are beating harder towards you. Below is a decalogue of a true gentleman and the most important rules you should follow.

Decalogue of a true gentleman - character

Tough and true guy, it's an elementary must have when it comes to first impressions and focus on the opposite sex. A man does not complain, he plans and works. It works in real life situations and performs tasks as best it can. He has always built his character, especially without taking the easy way out. Plus, he's always himself. That's why he can be a tough guy at the gym and a lovely fairy tale character at his niece's birthday party. Everything he does, he does with passion and heart, without hiding the joy. At the same time, he does not try to adjust to current trends. At the same time he keeps his distance and humour towards himself, because he knows that there are no perfect beings and he accepts it in himself.

Decalogue of a true gentleman - presentation

You go out to people or on a date? A decalogue of a true gentleman tells you to keep your style elegant. You take care of the details and you won't leave without one last look in the mirror. You don't cross the boundaries of a healthy approach - you just know how and when to look great. Whether you are following current trends or treating them with oil, you will come out dressed appropriately to the situation - you know what and when to adjust to the circumstances. And remember, tracksuits only work at home or during training.

The Decalogue of a Real Gentleman - Trust

Loyalty, vocabulary, discretion - you have it built into the hardware and you pronounce it with one string. Friendship is a value for you that you nurture and develop. You do all the things you do alone and you're not afraid to say what you think. You always know whose side you're on. You also keep your promises and deadlines. A company project is just as important as helping a neighbor. And you're always on time. You also don't talk about delicate topics, leave your troubles and private life for yourself and your loved ones. You expect the same from the others.

A gentleman at every turn

You are guided by care for your loved ones and yourself (yes, it's just as important!). We are talking about ensuring everyday life, as well as health, proper diet and physical fitness. At the same time, you appreciate what is good in your life and thank the people who helped you, even in these small matters. Every gesture matters, and good energy always comes back. You also remember about etiquette and good manners. Whatever the situation, you know how you should behave. Such gestures are natural for you and express your respect for reality.

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