•   Friday, 1 March 2024
Supplements and Medicines

Safe use of analgesics

The use of painkillers has become our custom, as it were. We reach for them whenever we feel uncomfortable, be it headaches, stomach pains or, for example, menstrual pains in women, believing that it will bring us relief.

The variety of painkillers available not only in pharmacies but at virtually every point of sale makes it easier to buy them when we need them and, at the same time, allows us to find the one that best suits our needs, both in terms of action and in terms of price.

Pharmaceutical companies flood us daily with advertisements with visions of how well their resources work and how much we can benefit from their use.

Pain medication - is it safe?

Painkillers are available at almost every nod, most of them are available without a prescription, which makes their purchase and use even easier. Often we do not realize how often we use various types of tablets, powders, ointments to relieve pain, which may turn out to be not as terrible as we thought at first. Headache or stomachache, caused by not eating breakfast or drinking coffee on an empty stomach, treat with a pill instead of eating a meal. After a bruise, we prefer to treat the pain immediately with an ointment or pain relief gel, instead of simply massaging the painful place, such as athletes, or covering it with ice. In both above cases, as well as in many others, analgesics become for us replacements of proven manners of getting rid of our discomfort, and simultaneously a reason for further repetition of this discomfort in the future.

Painkillers and their effects on the body

Painkillers are a huge burden on our body, especially on the heart, stomach, liver and kidneys. Components contained in a standard analgesic tablet include, apart from the analgesic component, which is most often ibuprofen or paracetamol, other chemical substances to improve their action and increase their effectiveness. Adding dyes, various kinds of sweeteners, we get a mixture that can and does work as a pain stopwatch, but at the same time causes a lot of damage of other kind in our body.

Something that's supposed to help can make you sick.

Many of us are ill. Unfortunately, this is a fact from which it is not easy to protect oneself, regardless of whether one is young or old. Trying to prevent various types of diseases or during the therapy it happens that we take a few or even a dozen or so tablets of different types and with different effects every day. Some of them are medicines prescribed for a specific ailment, but, let's be honest, there are also medicines that have been recommended to us by our family and friends as being worthy of attention and use, for example, so when we were in a pharmacy, we also purchased them in order to have a positive effect on us. Focused on the effects, we forget that the ingredients of these supplements may not be compatible with the other drugs we take. Such a mixture of ingredients is a bomb with delayed ignition, can cause irreversible damage, ranging from ulcers or perforation of the stomach, to kidney failure and life as a cripple, heart attack, hyperthyroidism and hypotension of pressure, stroke.

Painkillers are an incredibly important invention of mankind, I think everyone will admit that, but their use must go hand in hand with reason and awareness that they can also seriously harm us.

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