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Erectile dysfunction

Where does erectile dysfunction come from?

Erectile dysfunction is a very difficult ailment for a man. It is often concealed because it is the complete opposite of the image that has been assumed that gentlemen should create. The best solution is to simply admit the problem and take up the challenge, e.g. by consulting a specialist doctor. A visit to the doctor will help you choose the right treatment direction and allow you to return to sexual activity. This is an important problem, which is not only related to sexual activity in itself, but also an element responsible for the psychological bond between two people and regulating psycho-physical health (e.g. by stimulating the blood, respiratory and immune systems). Where does erectile dysfunction come from? What are their causes and treatment options?

Where does erectile dysfunction come from? Risk group

Potency and erection problems occur when a man has difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection that allows him to have intercourse. This can happen, of course, e.g. because of stress or fatigue, but it is not a sentence. However, if the problem is repetitive and concerns about 25% of attempts to have sexual intercourse, it is a signal to seek qualified help. A big obstacle is the self-deception of men who avoid the subject and claim that the phenomenon does not concern them. Where does erectile dysfunction come from? The risk group and the list of causes of problems is quite long. The most frequently mentioned ones include:

  • health problems,

  • disorders - e.g. alcoholism, workaholism, complexes,

  • indifference due to excessive sexual activity,

  • age - the risk group is people over 40 years of age.

Healthy causes of erectile dysfunction

The basic source of problems should be found in the physiology of the organism. In order to achieve an erection, almost twenty times more blood must flow through the penis than in the state without sexual stimulation. What are the physical causes of the disorder?

  • Cardiovascular obstruction (atherosclerotic lesions).

  • Hormonal disorder (low concentration of testosterone, overproduction of prolactin).

  • Erectile nerve damage (as a complication of spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis or diabetes).

  • Application of pharmaceuticals - the group includes antidepressants and derivatives, hypertension or used in chemotherapy.

  • Physical consequences of regular use of alcohol, nicotine.

Erectile dysfunction - how to fight the problem?

The treatment of erectile dysfunction has evolved over the last decades. Initially, an attempt was made to respond to the problems with medical therapies based on restraint and increased personal hygiene. Today, the physiology of the sex drive is much better understood, we also know the influence of specific substances on the body, we are aware of the role of stress and we know how important a sustainable lifestyle is. In addition to medical treatment and stress relief, it is worth taking regular physical activity, bet on a balanced diet. You can also bet on generally available preparations and dietary supplements that can help you return to full activity.

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