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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction after steroids

Steroids are often presented as the optimal means to achieve the desired physical effects. Some of them are used in medical procedures and treatment. However, most steroids available on the market are designed to stimulate the body in terms of appearance.

Our present world is rushing and requires us to always be the best version of ourselves. This is one of the reasons why the cult of a beautiful body functions so strongly. For faster and better results, men often introduce steroids into their training programs. Unfortunately, they are not always aware of the consequences of taking certain substances. They will focus on the increase in muscle mass, forgetting that it is possible to destroy the body very quickly. Among the side effects and side effects are effects on sexual function and erectile dysfunction after steroids.

Health problems after steroids

You can become addicted to steroids, like other chemicals. Although it initially appears that a golden mean has been found, in the long term, incorrect use of steroids ends badly. This is the result of a poor metabolism of testosterone in the body, which initially increases efficiency and then disturbs the functioning of hormones in the body. This happens when the testosterone concentration is higher than the standard upper limit and the body starts to fight the excess hormone in the blood. Even then, the first symptoms of potency problems and progressive lowering of mood may occur, leading to even depression.

Erectile dysfunction after steroids - a serious problem

The supply of steroids is very risky. One of them is the development of excess cholesterol in the circulatory system, which in consequence may translate into permanent sexual disorders. Steroid substances are very often responsible for the appearance of pathologies of the system. In order to enjoy the sex life, we must take care of a stable psyche, efficient organs and proper blood circulation of the penis. In addition to atherosclerotic lesions, steroids cause hypertension and problems with maintaining proper sugar levels, and in the long term, e.g. heart attacks. A huge mistake when drive disorder occurs is to return to steroids, which again have a positive short-term effect, but very quickly the consequences are much greater.

How do I stop steroids?

Even if you stop using steroids, your body needs a long period of time to get back on track. Poisoning the body for a long time has a lasting effect on the body. This is when the greatest problems with potency begin, such as a drop in drive, difficulties with sperm production, erection or even testicular atrophy. Therefore, the withdrawal of supporting substances should be carried out gradually and wisely, with regular monitoring of the body condition. Therefore, it is best to carry out the cleansing under the watchful eye of a specialist doctor, who will introduce appropriate treatment (including the recommendation of specific preparations), optimize the diet and recommend a balanced physical effort.

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