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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects men of all ages. Those affected are reluctant to talk about it, taking it as a sign of insulting their masculinity, and often cannot even force themselves to go to a specialist who can help them.

The opinion that erection problems are something that is not spoken about is so common that men with erection problems do not take any action to improve the situation or try to find a satisfactory solution on their own using the advice provided by the media.

Erectile dysfunction - civilization disease?

Erectile dysfunction is not always the result of illness or genetic defects. Nowadays, they can be diagnosed much more often as one of the civilization diseases, as well as depression, overweight or cancer.

Unfortunately, the requirements imposed on us by modern civilization regarding our appearance or behaviour are mainly responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. Adapting to the prevailing requirements imposes on us the use of available means, whether pharmacological or otherwise, may have a significant negative impact on male potency. The use of medicines of different kinds does not affect only one aspect, their effects may be felt in other parts of our body, causing unwanted side effects. It is bad when it is necessary to take such medicines, and there is no other way to avoid it. Then, after consultation with your doctor, you should add another tablet, which pharmacologically could remedy the problem. A new medicine is an additional burden, especially on the heart, liver or kidneys, but in some cases it is a necessity.

Alternative to medicines

On the other hand, nowadays most of us use drugs as a natural replacement for a healthy lifestyle, believing that a handful of pills will help us stay in great shape for years to come, and sometimes waving them around without a moment's notice. Such a policy does not work, it even fails him on the whole line. Each, even the smallest tablet, is a huge effort for our body, so it is worth to think about it and check whether in case of taking medicines there are no substitutes, which are less invasive than the standard ones, sold in pharmacies. It is worth looking for such solutions, because it may turn out that at the same time we will help each other in other aspects of our lives.

The lack of vitamins and minerals is immediately felt in our body. We are tired, weak, apathetic, in a word, suffering our whole body. In this case, you have to start with small, then bigger and bigger changes, which will certainly have a positive impact on our health.

Adequate diet

Consuming wholesome meals can be troublesome, but it is worth trying, because the variety of food affects not only our digestive system. A properly composed diet can raise libido better than a handful of pharmacological solutions, so it is worthwhile to work harder to be ready at the right time.


Each of us knows that they have a destructive effect on our bodies. Getting rid of bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking is a hard road to go, but you can do it with a challenge and have fun at the same time. The prize can be a glass of wine or champagne from time to time, which is considered an aphrodisiac.

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