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Feminine Type: Indiana Jones - one of a kind

God's crowds and the embodiment of fantasy? Or maybe just a well-selling product, a marketing product with a Hollywood actor's face? Internet users from all over the world have pointed out the brave archaeologist-discoverer as the most attractive guy in the world. The perfect female type of man has as many disadvantages as the advantages. It combines many contradictions, creating an explosive mixture that opens every woman's heart.

Internal contradiction is the key to success

Brave and brave like a noble knight in shining armor, yet full of weakness, who is not ashamed to show fear. And how can you not love him here? He throws himself into a fight, even the almost hopeless one, because he loses from above. However, three scenes later on are so afraid of snakes that he looks like a small, abandoned boy who needs to be looked after. It's a perfect combination - a brave hero who needs care.

Read, intelligent, educated and... passionate! Oh yes, there is nothing more tempting than a man who can talk about his hobbies for hours. And when he can still speak with curiosity, then every dinner he asks for ends with breakfast. It has been known for a long time that it is not easy to interest a man who has extensive knowledge and shows great interest. However, women like such challenges!

Management, independent, but can also act as a team! It is this combination of contradictions that makes the female type of man Indiana Jones. He boldly sets off to discover new puzzles from the past and enters caves, tombs and sarcophaguses, but when it is necessary, he uses the knowledge and advice of others. Indy is also resourceful, doesn't ask for help when he doesn't need it, and doesn't wait for the problem to solve itself.

How to hit the female type? Indiana Jones is always the key to success?

Not only internal contradictions make Indiana Jones a walking ideal. It also has many features that many men have. We are talking about an appropriate approach to women, personal charm, sense of humour (for years indicated in many surveys as the most important feature of an ideal man), kindness and care. Indy is also physically fit and educated, which undoubtedly affects his benefit, but requires considerable preparation.

Indiana's jokes are intelligent. He often makes comments summarizing the whole situation in a very special way, thus presenting the sharpness of his mind. And it's affecting women! Although the main character of the series does not seduce women, does not run after them and does not jump around them, he saves their lives without expecting anything in return, and then takes care of them, at the same time having a distance to their moods and changeability. Its charm is based on self-confidence, a wide smile and a handsome face with a few days' beard. Self-acceptance beats from Indiana Jones. The hero knows, accepts and likes himself, so he easily respects and tries to like every person he meets. Sure, he doesn't like bad guys. However, let us remember about the genre frames of these films.

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