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Capsaicin and its mysterious power

Capsaicin is a chemical compound with a strange sounding name, which is responsible for the pungent, burning taste of some varieties of pepper. Remember that burning taste in your mouth? That's the capsaicin! She'll give you a hug of power! Scientists from China have discovered that regularly eaten peppers add strength to the hands. If you are ashamed of your weak hugs, add a few peppers to your diet. 2-3 weeks a week they will significantly improve the strength of your hands!

How does a capsaicin work?

Scientists have described in detail how capsaicin works. It minimizes inflammation, thus accelerating the process of muscle tissue breakdown and reconstruction. This is a relatively simple mechanism that will allow you to build muscle mass faster. And although we can't guarantee that after eating more peppers a week, you will suddenly start to perform better in the gym and it will be easier to keep a handball in the game, we must admit that a strong and solid handshake is important. Thanks to him you seem to be more reliable and responsible. If you are the boss, such a handshake will have a good impact on the image not only of you, but also of your company! Let's not forget about the role played by a strong hug when you introduce yourself to a beautiful woman for the first time... You'd rather be male, wouldn't you?

If you are a man with a relatively weak, almost feminine grip, you should think about adding some focus to your daily menu. In addition, remember never to give a so-called herring or fish hand. It is characterized by the shaking of an inert hand, often also sticky from sweat. However, let's not go to the extreme! You don't have to break the interlocutor's hand bones. An even, balanced handshake is perfect, so that you can mark your position without resorting to psychological tricks to cover your interlocutor's hand with your own... It is important that your handshake expresses your self-confidence and at the same time is not an open act of aggression against the other side. Remember, too, that giving a hand to a woman is better not to shake it as tightly as when you meet a colleague from primary school or a potential colleague.

Other uses of capsaicin

You will find more and more synthetic capsaicin preparations on the market. It is used externally as a substance to warm joints and muscles. Scientists are still working on the potential of capsaicin in the fight against prostate cancer - this substance stimulates cancer cells to self-destruction! If you are not convinced by the iron handshake, it is probably worth considering the advantages of eating a few chilli peppers a week!

It should be remembered that capsaicin administered in large doses is highly toxic. It could even lead to death. It leads to respiratory problems, skin bruising and convulsions. However, we would like to stress that there are no such strong doses of this substance in nature. You can therefore boldly cost Asian cuisine - especially Thai and Vietnamese - in which chilli is an ingredient of many dishes.

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