•   Friday, 1 March 2024

Testosterone, known unknown?

The most famous male sex hormone. He has already appeared in the title of the film, he is the hero of many jokes and anecdotes. Kayah sang about him. But what do we really know about testosterone? It belongs to a group of androgens, and in men it is produced in the testicles. However, we often forget that it is also produced in trace amounts by the ovaries and the placenta. In women, it also affects libido and is essential for the proper functioning of the ovaries.

Testosterone was a victim of marketing. He is accused of all the evil of this world. Are you aggressive? It's the testosterone. Does your hair fall out? It's also the hormone's fault. Do you get mean, nasty, nasty, even rude? Too much testosterone makes every decent guy wild. Or are you still jealous of your woman? They say you're more territorial than a wild animal? Yeah, that's testosterone, too. What's the truth about that?

Stimulating testosterone

It is a substance that affects potency, even it is a potency in a condensed, pure form. It is a hormone that affects the whole body, not just erogenous zones or sexual organs. Testosterone reaches all tissues and stimulates the chain of reaction. It's him who makes you turn from a boy into a man, you start looking for girls, you get beard on your face and morning erections become everyday. Testosterone also plays a very important role in foetal life - it is what makes us boys. Abnormal levels of this hormone in a pregnant woman have a negative effect on the foetus, in which hermaphroditism can develop.

Testosterone is rarely mentioned as a doping agent. Many athletes have been caught using this illegal form. Whenever this topic appears in the media, many people and communities involved in sport widely comment on and talk about the negative, harmful effects of testosterone - and in particular its excess - on health and the health of athletes and the average Kowalski.

Everyday cheering

Hormone replacement therapy, although it sounds safe and is associated with research, a doctor and a matching dose of the right substances, in reality often turns into a race between pharmaceutical companies to drugs containing testosterone. On the market we can already find gels, tablets, injections and patches, and even inhalers with this hormone. Excess testosterone in the body significantly promotes the development of prostate cancer, clearly stimulating the development and growth of cancer cells.

One of the most popular myths about this hormone is that the more testosterone you have, the better. We often forget that exceeding the norm has a negative impact on the body. Studies show that men with high testosterone levels are more likely to fight, smoke and drink alcohol, but also have lower blood pressure. A high level of this hormone increases the susceptibility to pluriform diseases - infections, inflammations, depression and the aforementioned cancer diseases. Too low a level of testosterone makes it easier for men to develop blood-related diseases and increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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